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Review and Citation



The Sound Projector (Ed Pinsent)



Path of the Wind​

Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard)

Beach Sloth

Toneshift (TJ Norris)

Bad Alchemy Magazin (Rigobert Dittmann)

skug (Lutz Vössing)

Just outside (Brian Olewnick)

feardrop (Denis Boyer) (​​Łukasz Komła)


Musique Machine (Duncan Simpson)

The Sound Projector (Ed Pinsent)

and partly broadcasted by BBC radio 3 Late Junction


佐々木敦. 2019.「これは小説ではない」『新潮』116(6): 255-265.

Music of the Bahnar People from the Central Highlands of Vietnam

福島恵一. 2018.「柳沢英輔の新録音『ベトナム中部高原バナ族の音楽』」『サウンドスケープ』18: 38-40.




How Japan’s Landscape Inspired a New Kind of Electronic Music(Jack Needham)


Into the Cave

Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard) 

Ultrasonic Scapes

The Bird Cage (Brian Olewnick)
Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard) 
The Watchful Ear (Richard Pinnell)
Cyclic Defrost (Joshua Meggitt)

PARIS Transatlantic Magazine (Dan Warburton)
The Wire -Issue: #332 (Nick Cain)
textura (Ron Schepper)

Neural (Aurelio Cianciotta)
The Sound Projector (Ed Pinsent)
Gonzo (circus) issue106 

Voegelin, S. (2014). Sonic possible worlds: Hearing the continuum of sound. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, pp.165-167.

Bergsland, A., & Engum, T. (2015). Unheard Sounds: The Aesthetics of Inaudible Sounds Made Audible.

Trippett, D. (2018). Music and the Transhuman Ear: Ultrasonics, Material Bodies, and the Limits of Sensation. The Musical Quarterly, pp.234.

and partly broadcasted by Vital Weekly ,  framework radio The Sound Projector Radio Kinokophonography Radio Retrospective and The Wire On Air

Scenery of Water

Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard)
Jez riley French ....'in place'
The Sound Projector 19th (Issue 2011)

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